My Station

Transceivers (HF):
Icom IC-7800
Icom IC-756 PRO II

Transceivers (2m/70cm):
Icom IC-2820H
Yaesu FT-8900R
Icom IC-92AD

AOR AR8600

HF Amplifiers:

Alpha 9500

Cushcraft X7 @ 66 feet (20.1 meters)
Cushcraft XM240 @ 56 feet (17 meters)
International Antennas 80m Double Bazooka - apex @ 53 feet (16.1 meters)
Comet GP-3 Vertical
VHF/UHF Discone (monitor antenna)

Miscellaneous Equipment
RF Applications P-3000 Power/SWR Meter
Alpha 4510 Wattmeter
Array Solutions RatPak
Idiom Press K-3 Keyer
i-Mate Memory Keyer
NCS-3240 Multi-Switcher
Timewave PK-232 DSP TNC
Palstar AT-AUTO Antenna Tuner
Begali Signature Edition Paddle
Shurr Profi-2 Paddle
Alpha-Delta Coax Switches
Polyphaser Lightning Protection
DC Power Supplies:   Astron
West Mountain Radio Rigrunners  (DC Power Distribution)
DXbase 2007 (Logging Program)

Computer #1:  (Running Windows Vista) -  Used for:  Logging, Antenna Rotator Control, Rig Control and RTTY using an Edirol FA-66 External FireWire Sound Card and Optical Interface to the Icom IC-7800.

Computer #2:  (Running Windows XP Pro) - Used for:  Alpha 9500 and 87A Remote Control, Timewave PK-232 TNC Interface, DX Cluster using mIRC,